Crumpet and cream scones

On the left side of the plate is a single homemade crumpet that’s been toasted and served with a pat of whipped butter. Next to the crumpet is a pair of homemade cream scones that have been split and spread with strawberry jam and a dollop of ‘mock clotted cream’.

[The combination of hot tea and warm scones served along with clotted cream and jam (traditionally strawberry) is known as cream tea and originated from England. The method of how the cream tea is prepared and presented depends on the region.]

Beverage:  Upton Tea’s ‘No.1 Tippy Orthodox GFOP Darjeeling' tea sweetened with sugar and a splash of milk.

冰皮月餅 【黑芝麻和白芝麻】  / Bing pi yue bing (hei zhima he bai zhima)

Snow Skin Mooncake (black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds)

a.k.a. Ice Skin Mooncake, Snowy Mooncake

A homemade, no-bake, snow skin mooncake filled with sesame seed paste and a coconut white chocolate truffle in the center.

To form the base of the truffle the ganache was chilled for a few hours, gently rolled in shredded coconut, then dipped in Ghirardelli’s eggnog flavored white chocolate. The gooey ganache itself is made from Ghirardelli white chocolate, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and coconut oil.

Beverage:  China Cha Dao’s ‘2011 Douji - Hong Da Dou' raw pu-erh. Unsweetened.

牛肉刀削面 / Niu rou dao xiao mian

Beef knife-shaved noodle soup

Corned beef brisket (traditionally beef brisket or beef shank is used to make this beef noodle soup, but I chose to use corned beef brisket) was cleaned, braised, seasoned, and then cooked in a slow cooker overnight making the meat tender to the point of falling apart. Ingredients such as rice wine, soy sauce, sliced ginger, crushed garlic cloves, star anise, black peppercorn, and chili paste were added to the broth and further cooked. The liquid was then strained and bok choy was added in.

For the noodles; all-purpose flour, rice flour, baking powder, a dash of salt, and water were combined and kneaded into a dough, then sliced into long strips directly into a pot of salted boiling water.

This lightly spicy bowl of soup was served with the homemade knife shaved noodles, slices of the corned beef brisket, and topped with freshly chopped scallions and cilantro.

Beverage: 天仁茗茶/TenRen’s Tea ‘Osmanthus Green Tea’. Unsweetened.

(July 4th, 2014) Red, White, and Blue Cake Pops

Red velvet cake crumbled and mixed together with cream cheese frosting, rolled into balls, dipped in Ghirardelli white chocolate, then covered in red, white, and blue sprinkles.


J’ai la peau douce
dans mon bain de mousse
Je m’éclabousse
J’en ris !
Mon poisson rouge
dans mon bain de mousse
Je l’emmitoufle
Je lui dis:

J’ai pas de problème
Je fainéante
Pas de malaise
Je fainéante
Dans l’eau je baigne
c’est l’important
Bien à mon aise
dans l’air du temps


[ Alizée - J’en ai marre! ]

Баклажанная икра (намазывают на поджаренный чёрный хлеб и блин)
Baklazhannaya ikra (namazyvayut na podzharennyy chornyy khleb i blin)
Eggplant caviar (spread on toasted black bread and pancake)

Roasted, peeled, and finely chopped eggplant blended together with minced garlic and chopped onions that were sautéed in sunflower oil, chopped tomatoes, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Served spread on top of toasted Russian black bread and a thick little buckwheat pancake with a garnishing of chives.

Yeast, water, sugar, molasses, instant espresso powder, apple cider vinegar, unsweetened chocolate, medium rye flour, whole-wheat flour, bread flour, wheat bran, minced shallots, ground caraway seeds, and ground fennel seeds were used to make the Russian black bread.

Beverage: White August’s ‘Russian Caravan' black tea sweetened with strawberry jam.

Buckeye candy



Peanut butter balls partially dipped in melted chocolate. (Ghirardelli® semi-sweet chocolate.)

These confections get their name from their resemblance to the nut of the buckeye tree and are considered Ohio’s unofficial state candy.

Five-way Cincinnati chili

Homemade Cincinnati-style chili served on top of spaghetti, covered with shredded cheddar cheese, diced onions, and kidney beans, with a side of oyster crackers.

Watermelon yogurt granita (garnished with mint leaves)

A refreshing frozen dessert made with only watermelon juice, plain unsweetened yogurt, and sugar. These three ingredients were blended together, poured into a freezer safe container, and then scraped with a fork at 30-minute intervals until flaky in consistency. The addition of yogurt adds a touch of creaminess to this granita.

Black bean brownies

Puréed black beans (along with ingredients such as ground flaxseeds, rice flour, apple sauce, almond milk, and Ghirardelli® unsweetened cocoa powder) were used to make these decadently rich chocolate brownies that have a fudgy top and a chewy bottom.

Vegetarian and gluten-free.
Note: These brownies were made back when Ghirardelli® unsweetened cocoa powder was gluten-free.

Gỏi cuốn tôm thịt với tương đậu phộng

Vietnamese shrimp and pork spring rolls with peanut sauce


Fresh spring rolls, summer rolls, salad rolls, rice paper rolls, nem cuốn, bánh tráng cuốn.

Rolls of rice paper filled with green leaf lettuce, bean sprouts, cilantro, mint leaves, cooked rice vermicelli, cucumber slices, cooked and thinly sliced pork loin, cooked shrimps, and chives. Served with a homemade peanut dipping sauce topped with crushed peanuts and finely sliced bird’s eye chilies.

Бефстроганов / Befstroganov / Beef stroganoff

Rich, creamy beef stroganoff served on top of fried matchstick potatoes.

Паштет из говяжьей печени с поджаренный “Бородинский” хлеб

Pashtet iz govyazhey pecheni s podzharennyy “Borodinsky” khleb

Beef liver pâté with toasted “Borodinsky” bread

Beef liver was first cooked and seasoned with salt and pepper along with chopped onions, grated carrots, and minced dill. Unsalted butter and the cooked contents from the skillet were then ground together in a food processor. An extra dash of salt and pepper were added to the mixture before it was allowed to chill in the refrigerator for an hour. Served spread over toasted slices of homemade Borodinsky bread, a dark brown sourdough rye bread.

Rye sourdough starter, dark rye flour, whole-wheat flour, malt powder, molasses, ground coriander seeds, ground caraway seeds, salt, and water were used to make the bread.

Beverage: Samovar’s ‘Russian Blend' tea sweetened with raspberry jam.

Сушки / Sushki

Traditional Russian bagel-like bread rings commonly served with tea. These homemade sushki are crunchy and mildly sweet.

Beverage: ВИТАЦЕНТР / VITACENTER’s ‘Ромашка / Chamomile' tisane sweetened with sunflower honey.